Sunday, May 31, 2009

Moorooduc Quarry

To many this is 'just' the local quarry -
to me it represents endless photographic opportunities.
These photos were taken with my Panasonic
digital camera. I know I would have gotten much better
results had I used my Nikon and worried about the sunlight,
however for a Point and Shoot camera I was
quite pleased with the results.



Sunset at Mornington

I'm so lucky living in Mornington and having
the beach, with all it has to offer, right on my doorstep.
Last week, after studying all my notes on photographying
sunsets I headed down to the beach.
I'm sure I did a million things wrong, and I'll be
back again during the week to try again, but for
the moment I was pleased with my first attempt
at using the Aperature and Shutter Speed controls.
F/4.5 Exposure Time 1/25 sec ISO - 100 Time 5.18pm
F/5.6 Exposure Time 1/25 sec ISO - 100 Time 5.18pm
F/5.6 Exposure Time 1/20 sec ISO - 100 Time 5.19pm
F5.6 Exposure Time 1/40 sec ISO - 100 Time 5.19pm
F/10 Exposure Time 1/4 sec ISO - 100 Time 5.20pm
F/11 Exposure Time 13 sec ISO - 100 Time 5.48pm

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tulip Farm

Tesserlar's Tulip Farm, in Olinda, is definately worth a visit.
Every October you can see an amazing display of
acres and acres of tulips in every colour of the rainbow.
I took the time to get down to ground level and
what I saw was truly beautiful.
The inside of these flowers was almost like the
human fingerprint - - - - everyone has them,
but that are all different.
F /3.6 Exposure Time 1/100 sec ISO-80

F/4 Exposure Time 1/125 ISO - 80
F/2.8 Exposure Time 1/40 sec ISO - 80

F/2.8 Exposure Time 1/60 sec ISO - 80

Never Short of Subjects to Photograph

Every parent thinks their children are beautiful,
but mine really are!!!! And they make wonderful
subjects to photograph.
It drives them crazy, but I never tire of
photographing them.
These photos were taken at
The Briars Historial Homestead at Mt. Martha.
The old farming equipment makes fantastic
props for portraits.